Shoot in 2K or 4K?



You'll need a DCP to get the best screening scenario to share your film and brilliantly exhibit all of your hard work.  Don't forget to budget for your Exhibition Media.  Digital DCP (DDCP) provides the best possible brilliant on screen color and audio alike. Hoping for distribution?  You get one chance to make a first impression so don't blow it by screening on a BluRay or DVD. This is your hard work and you want to get the most out of it.  We can encode your Master DCP for a very reasonable price. We'll also archive your film should you need another for your Festival run.


Please check our Technical Specs page for any help if you are unsure of how to export your media from your editing software.  We will help you every step of the way whether it's your first DCP or your 50th. Click FILMMAKERS for more info.



Going All Digital?



Switching to an all digital format can be both technically and financially challenging for any Festival. For that reason, Digital DCP has developed solutions to help you take your Festival into the new world of digital cinema exhibition.


DDCP offers "In Kind Sponsorship" agreements to Film Festivals who are screening with Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) as their primary preferred format.


Repository Services enable Filmmakers to directly upload their short films our server and place them on CRU drives for a one stop exhibition of all short films.


DCP and Repository services will reduce your operational expenses as well as simplifying your work flow with a uniform projection format.  It enables and ensures your festival will screen films with the best image and sound quality offered today.


As a Festival Sponsor we offer reduced rates on DCP encoding, rewraps, waive leased CRU rates, waive set up fees, gift items for your swag bags and more.





Submission requirements  & Specs


Some of you are seasoned and possess the understanding of Digital Cinema Packages.  For those of you who are making a DCP for the first time, please find our TECH SPECS page for the required submission formats in order to have your film's DCP created.


Digital DCP employs Industry Standard DCP encoding to produce INTERLOP, SMPTE, JPEG 2000 DCI COMPLIANT Exhibition Media for all Film Festivals and Distribution.


*ProRes files provide the ultimate raw media of your Master film (DCDM) to encode for a Digital Cinema Package (DCP)  Please check with the Film Festival where you will be screening to confirm any video and audio requirements.


Please contact us with any questions.