Are you considering switching to an all Digital Cinema format?  Are you just starting to accept DCP format?


It can be both technically and financially challenging for any Festival and for that reason, Digital DCP has developed solutions to help you take your Festival into the new world of Digital Cinema Exhibition while saving the Festival money.  Get the brilliant screenings of Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) while leaving your budget with room to breath!




We offer reduced rates as a part of an "In Kind Sponsorship", waived set up fees and eliminate leased CRU drive fees.  You'll also eliminate a good portion of your ancillary expenses.


You can further eliminate shipping expenses by taking advantage of our REPOSITORY services. Let your accepted short films be uploaded to our server.  We'll package them alphabetically on a CRU drive formatted to your venue's specs and get them to you with plenty of time for your Tech Crew to run a second QC.  We can build a package to suit your specific needs, whatever they may be.





We provide: Repository Services, DCP encoding, Rewraps (for DCPs that aren't recognized or encoded properly), Leased CRU Compilation Drives with manifests and a Dedicated FTP server for direct upload and download of your accepted filmmaker's digital files.  *A Repository is a remarkable service and will reduce your operational expenses by eliminating the need for additional equipment rentals needed for multiple formats.  It also simplifies your work flow with a uniform projection format that enables your Festival to screen films with the best image and sound quality offered today.




We can take over your technical operations so you are free to focus on more important tasks if you are in need of highly qualified staff. Print Traffic, QC's and Technical Management.  We have over 20 years of Festival experience in the Technical and Traffic Departments.




In 2016 the Sarasota Film Festival made a bold move by only accepting DCP format for exhibition.  The response was outstanding by the Filmmakers and Audience alike.  The Festival screened over 280 films in 10 days and we are proud to have been their Sponsor and preferred provider of DCPs.  The screening scenarios were sensationaland the money saved between equipment rental & shipping expenses was substantial.  This is a huge savings for any Festival.  Eliminate ancillary expenses.


​Be bold and save money!  The future of projection of Digital Cinema is here to stay.


*In the last few years I watched the number of submitted DCP's jump from 18 (2013) to 304 (2016). The biggest issue with the number of DCP's submitted were the "homemade" DCP's that were more likely not recognized by projectors and wouldn't play due to improper encoding. This left Festival Programmers scrambling to acquire another submission to screen in it's place.


If you have any questions please reach out to us.