Almost every movie theater has replaced their old 35mm film projectors with new Digital Cinema projectors.  They only screen Digital Cinema Packages or DCP.  If you planned ahead you budgeted for your exhibition media.  DCPs are today's global standard for screening film.  Digital copies don't degrade so the last screening will look identical to the first.  Here is the protocol you'll need to follow to have your Film encoded to a DCP Exhibition Screening Format:



1.   Once your editing, color correction and score are in place, your editor should export your files as one of the formats listed on the Tech Specs page.  If you're editing in FCP or Premiere use ProRes Quicktime with Dolby 5.1 or 7.1 or Stereo L R C channels.  If you're editing in Avid exports as DNxHD video files with similar audio tracks.


*Please Note:  If you had your film color corrected obtain the specs of the "output gamma" from your colorist when they exported your final color corrected master.  This information will ensure your DCP will screen in the "true color" of how your film was intended to be exhibited.


*Animated films need not worry about this as your software automatically will produce the correct gamma for exhibition.   Please contact us with any questions and consult your editor / technical crew as well.


2.  If your film is a Short Film, contact us for an upload link.  Upload your ProRes file to us.  We will encode your DCP and ship it to the destination of your choice.  We will also archive it for 6 months should you need another DCP generated.  We would be happy to provide you a dupe for your Film Festival run.


3.  If your film is a Feature Film, place your ProRes or DNxHD files (with audio and subtitles if applicable) on a hard drive formatted either EXT 2, EXT 3 or NTFS and snail mail it to us.  Please be sure to have tracking ability through your courier of choice.  You'll save money on the cost of a hard drive and you won't be aggrivated with an upload process.


4.  Once your DCP is completed we'll ship it directly to the Film Festival or Exhibition Venue of your choice.  We will act as your personal Liaison wherever your film needs to be and CC you on all correspondence so we'll all be on the same page.


5.  If you get us your film with a minimum of 30 days of it's deadline we'll get you a serious reduced rate on your DCP.  We'll slip your film into our cue and get it to it's destination on time using a trackable courier.


6.  DCP colors are true to how you recorded your film and DCPs don't lose their brilliance like tape & can't be scratched like BluRay or DVDs.  Make the right choice for your exhibition media, you've worked so hard to get your film completed.  Let your audience enjoy their experience of seeing your film the way you intended.  * Remember to conact your colorist to obtain the output / exported gamma.




We'd be happy to create your REEL for you.  Send us your footage and we'll put it all together and ship it where ever you need it sent.